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Killer Women anthologies

This page lists crime fiction anthologies published by the UK based writers collective Killer Women.

Killer Women was founded in 2016 by Melanie McGrath and Louise Millar and comprises 21 female crime writers. The organisation runs events around the UK.


Killer Women Anthologies

Killer Women: Crime Club Anthology #1

Foreword: Val McDermid

Killer Women Ltd


"Blade-sharp and pared to the bone, these original stories by bestselling, award-winning female crime writers will lure you to the dark side. Fifteen perfectly twisted tales with a measure of evil, a dash of horror, and a dose of humour. Expect the unexpected."
The contents are:
  • The Window Man (Louise Millar)
  • On The Undercliff (Alex Marwood)
  • The Previous Tenant (Tammy Cohen)
  • Schiaparelli Pink Bikini (Melanie McGrath)
  • The Edge (Colette McBeth)
  • The Rat Trap (Jane Casey)
  • Don't Know Where Don't Know When (Erin Kelly)
  • El Lloren Borrego (Sarah Hilary)
  • Stop The Pigeon (Louise Voss)
  • The Day Of The Dead (Alison Joseph)
  • The Secret Ingredient (Helen Smith)
  • Witch (Kate Medina)
  • Stevie (D.E. Meredith)
  • Chance (Laura Wilson)
  • Natural Justice (Kate Rhodes)
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Killer Women: Crime Club Anthology #2

Foreword: Laura Lippman

Killer Women Ltd


"Bodies surface and disappear, seduce and corrupt in these original stories by bestselling, award-winning female crime writers from the Killer Women crime-writing collective. Keep your eyes peeled, your ears cocked and your wits about you as twenty deliciously twisted tales take you to surprising places."
The contents are:
  • Smoking Kills (Erin Kelly)
  • Happy Anniversary (Colette McBeth)
  • Beach Ready Body (Julia Crouch)
  • The Study (Tammy Cohne)
  • An Uninvited Guest (Rachel Abbot)
  • Articulation (Elly Griffiths)
  • Sex Crime (Laura Wilson)
  • Etta and the Body (Amanda Jennings)
  • Ten Things You'll Miss About Me (Sarah Hilary)
  • Tick List (Louise Millar)
  • Baby Killer (Kate Medina)
  • Eye on the Prize (Mel McGrath)
  • Nana (Helen Smith)
  • How was that Fair? (Louise Voss)
  • The Return (D.E. Meredith)
  • Now, Where was I? (Alison Joseph)
  • Jumping at Shadows (Emma Kavanagh)
  • Fertile Ground (Kate Rhodes)
  • The House Behind (Jane Casey)
  • The Corpse in the Copse (Sharon Bolton)
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Last updated April 2018