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Locked Room anthologies

This page lists a selection of detective fiction anthologies that focus on Locked Room mysteries.


Locked Room anthologies

Locked Room Murders and Other Impossible Crimes

Robert ADey

Ferret Fantasy


An expanded second edition was published by Crossover Press in 1991.

A bibliography of "locked room" short stories and novels.

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All But Impossible!

An Anthology Of Locked Room & Impossible Crime Stories by Members Of The Mystery Writers of America

Editor: Edward D. Hoch

Ticknor & Fields


The contents are:

  • The Shadow Of The Goat (John Dickson Carr)
  • The Little House At Croix-Rousse (Georges Simenon)
  • The Problem Of The Emperor's Mushrooms (James Yaffe)
  • From Another World (Clayton Rawson)
  • Through A Glass, Darkly (Helen Mccloy)
  • Snowball In July (Ellery Queen)
  • The Newtonian Egg (Peter Godfrey)
  • The Triple-Lock'd Room (Lillian De La Torre)
  • The Brazen Locked Room (Isaac Asimov)
  • The Martian Crown Jewels (Poul Anderson)
  • The Day The Children Vanished (Hugh Pentecost)
  • As If By Magic (Julian Symons)
  • The Impossible Theft (John F. Suter)
  • Mr. Strang Takes A Field Trip (William Brittain)
  • No One Likes To Be Played For A Sucker (Michael Collins)
  • The Arrowmont Prison Riddle (Bill Pronzini)
  • Box In A Box (Jack Ritchie)
  • The Number 12 Jinx (John L. Breen)
  • The Magician's Wife (J.F. Peirce)
  • The Problem Of The Covered Bridge (Edward D. Hoch)
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The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries

Editor: Otto Penzler

Vintage Crime/Black Lizard


"Otto Penzler has collected sixty-eight of the all-time best impossible-crime stories from almost two hundred years of the genre. In addition to the many classic examples of the form--a case of murder in a locked room or otherwise inaccessible place, solved by a brilliant sleuth--this collection expands the definition of the locked room to include tales of unbelievable thefts and incredible disappearances."
The stories in this collection are:
  • The Murders In The Rue Morgue (Edgar Allan Poe)
  • The Problem Of Cell 13 (Jacques Futrelle)
  • A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins)
  • The Two Bottles Of Relish (Lord Dunsany)
  • The Invisible Man (G. K. Chesterton)
  • The Doomdorf Mystery (Melville Davisson Post)
  • The Adventure Of The Speckled Band (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Wrong Problem (John Dickson Carr)
  • The Thing Invisible (William Hope Hodgson)
  • Department Of Impossible Crimes (James Yaffe)
  • The Aluminium Dagger (R. Austin Freeman)
  • The Crewel Needle (Gerald Kersh)
  • The Doctor's Case (Stephen King)
  • A Knife Between Brothers (Manly Wade Wellman)
  • The Glass Gravestone (Joseph Commings)
  • The Tea Leaf (Edgar Jepson & Robert Eustace)
  • The Flung-Back Lid (Peter Godfrey)
  • The Crooked Picture (John Lutz)
  • Blind Man's Hood (Carter Dickson)
  • The Man From Nowhere (Edward D. Hoch)
  • The Laughing Butcher (Fredric Brown)
  • The Sands Of Thyme (Michael Innes)
  • The Flying Death (Samuel Hopkins Adams)
  • The Flying Corpse (A. E. Martin)
  • The Flying Hat (Vincent Cornier)
  • The Day The Children Vanished (Hugh Pentecost)
  • The Twelfth Statue (Stanley Ellin)
  • All At Once, No Alice (William Irish)
  • Beware Of The Trains (Edmund Crispin)
  • The Locked Bathroom (H. R. F. Keating)
  • Mike, Alec, And Rufus (Dashiell Hammett)
  • The Episode Of The Torment Iv (C. Daly King)
  • Greaves' Disappearance (Julian Hawthorne)
  • The House Of Haunts (Ellery Queen)
  • The Monkey Trick (J. E. Gurdon)
  • The Ordinary Hairpins (E. C. Bentley)
  • The Phantom Motor (Jacques Futrelle)
  • The Theft Of The Bermuda Penny (Edward D. Hoch)
  • Room Number 23 (Judson Philips)
  • The Burglar Who Smelled Smoke (Lynne Wood Block & Lawrence Block)
  • The Kestar Diamond Case (Augustus Muir)
  • The Odour Of Sanctity (Kate Ellis)
  • The Problem Of The Old Oak Tree (Edward D. Hoch)
  • The Invisible Weapon (Nicholas Olde)
  • The Confession Of Rosa Vitelli (Ray Cummings)
  • The Locked Room To End Locked Rooms (Stephen Barr)
  • Nothing Is Impossible (Clayton Rawson)
  • Where Have You Gone, Sam Spade? (Bill Pronzini)
  • In A Telephone Cabinet (G. D. H. Cole & M. I. Cole)
  • Death Out Of Thin Air (Stuart Towne)
  • The Dream (Agatha Christie)
  • The Border-Line Case (Margery Allingham)
  • The Bradmoor Murder (Melville Davisson Post)
  • The Man Who Like Toys (Leslie Charteris)
  • The Ashcomb Poor Case (Hulbert Footner)
  • The Little House At Croix-Rousse (Georges Simenon)
  • The Bird In The Hand (Erle Stanley Gardner)
  • The Gulverbury Diamonds (David Durham)
  • The Fifth Tube (Frederick Irving Anderson)
  • The Strange Case Of Steinkelwintz (Mackinlay Kantor)
  • Arsene Lupin In Prison (Maurice Leblanc)
  • The Mystery Of The Strong Room (L. T. Meade & Robert Eustace)
  • No Way Out (Dennis Lynds)
  • The Episode Of The Codex' Curse (C. Daly King)
  • The Poisoned Dow '08 (Dorothy L. Sayers)
  • A Traveller's Tale (Margaret Frazer)
  • Death At The Excelsior (P. G. Wodehouse)
  • Waiting For Godstow (Martin Edwards)
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Classic Locked Room Mysteries

Editor: David Stuart Davies

Macmillan Collector's Library


"Classic Locked-Room Mysteries is a fascinating collection of ingenious mysteries which all pose the question 'howdunnit?' Featuring well-known sleuths such as Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown, as well as the less familiar, including Jacques Futrelle's Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, in each story the reader is invited to play detective and is presented with a challenge: can you solve the mystery before the solution is revealed?"
The contents are:
  • The Aluminium Dagger (R. Austin Freeman)
  • The Murders In The Rue Morgue (Edgar Allan Poe)
  • The Problem Of Cell 13 (Jacques Futrelle)
  • The Two Bottles Of Relish (Lord Dunsany)
  • The Tea Leaf (Edgar Jepson & Robert Eustace)
  • The Mystery Of The Taxi-Cab (Howel Evans)
  • A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins)
  • The Thing Invisible (William Hope Hodgson)
  • The Adventures Of The Retired Colourman (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Curzon Street Conundrum (David Stuart Davies)
  • Out Of His Head (Thomas Bailey Aldrich)
  • The Doomdorf Mystery (Melville Davisson Post)
  • The Adventure Of The Jacobean House (C.N. & A.M. Williamson)
  • The Invisible Man (G.K. Chesterton)
  • The Motor Boat (Jacques Futrelle)
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