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Northern Blood

This page lists crime fiction anthologies published in the Northern Blood series.

These anthologies highlight the work of writers associated with the northern regions of the United Kingdom.


Northern Blood Anthologies

Northern Blood

Editor: Martin Edwards



The contents are:

  • Foreword (Nancy Livingston)
  • Introduction (Martin Edwards)
  • A Sure-Fire Speculation (Robert Barnard)
  • A Terrible Prospect of Bridges (Chaz Brenchley)
  • A Winter's Tale (Ann Cleeves)
  • The Good Old Days (Eileen Dewhurst)
  • The Boxer (Martin Edwards)
  • Home Ground (Andrew Gardner)
  • Market Forces (Reginald Hill)
  • Death In Hard Covers (Margaret Lewis)
  • Blood Brothers (Peter Lewis)
  • The Delivery Man (Alan McDonald)
  • A Quiet Evening at Fountains (Stephen Murray)
  • The Village Blacksmith Murder (Alan Sewart)
  • The Manhunt of Dalby Forest (Peter N. Walker)
  • Where There's A Will (Barbara Whitehead)
  • A Reasonable Doubt (Douglas Wynn)
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Northern Blood 2

Editor: Martin Edwards

Flambard Press


An anthology of mystery stories with a northern theme. The contents are:

  • Foreword (Peter N Walker)
  • Introduction (Martin Edwards)
  • Dog Television (Robert Barnard)
  • Drowning, Drowning (Chaz Brenchley)
  • The Harmless Pursuits of Archibald Stamp (Ann Cleeves)
  • Right Between the Eyes (Barbara Crossley)
  • A Tour Too Far (Eileen Dewhurst)
  • Act of Kindness (Martin Edwards)
  • Video Nasty (Roger Forsdyke)
  • Where the Snow Lay Dinted (Reginald Hill)
  • A Bend in Time (Margaret Lewis)
  • Borrower of the Night (Peter Lewis)
  • Heartburn (Val McDermid)
  • Intimate Voices (Kay Mitchell)
  • Wilfred's Last Do (Stephen Murray)
  • The Old Folks' Home Murder (Alan Sewart)
  • The Unknown Lady of Sutton Bank (Peter N Walker)
  • Simple When You Know (Barbara Whitehead)
  • Who Fired the Fatal Shots? (Douglas Wynn)
  • Two Talks: 1. Our Particular Job 2. Shakespeare's Lost Whodunit (Ngaio Marsh)
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Northern Blood 3

Editor: Martin Edwards



An anthology of mystery stories with a northern theme.

"This is the latest collection of fiction to be compiled by leading crime writers who live and work in the North of England. Contributors include such internationally acclaimed names as Reginald Hill, author of the successfully televised Dalziel & Pascoe series, Nicholas Rhea, author of the books on which Yorkshire TV series Heartbeat is based, Val McDermid and Robert Barnard."
The contents are:
  • Introduction by by Martin Edwards)
  • The Hull Executive (Robert Adams)
  • Millennium (John Baker)
  • Divine Anger (Robert Barnard)
  • The Allotment (Peter Crowther)
  • Instant Removals (David Stuart Davies)
  • Seesaw (Eileen Dewhurst)
  • Neighbours (Martin Edwards)
  • Behind the Wheel (Ron Ellis)
  • The Thaw (Reginald Hill)
  • Country Pursuits (Peter Lewis)
  • Guilt Trip (Val McDermid)
  • Movie Crazy (John Owen)
  • Double Exposure (Jim Parkinson)
  • A Case of Christmas Spirit (Nicholas Rhea)
  • Who's Smiling Now? (Cath Staincliffe)
  • The End of the Pier (Alison White)
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Last updated April 2018