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Railway related crime fiction anthologies

This page lists a selection of railway related crime fiction anthologies.


Railway related anthologies of crime fiction

Crime on the Lines. An Anthology of Mystery Short Stories with a Railway Setting

Editor: Bryan Morgan

Routledge & Kegan Paul


The contents are:

  • The Signalman (Charles Dickens)
  • How He Cut His Stick (M McDonnell Bodkin)
  • The Adventure Of The Bruce-Partington Plan (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Case Of Oscar Brodski (R. Austin Freeman)
  • Sir Gilbert Murrell's Picture (Victor L. Whitechurch)
  • The Eighth Lamp (Roy Vickers)
  • The Mystery Of The Sleeping-Car Express (Freeman Wills Crofts)
  • Crime On The Footplate (Freeman Wills Crofts)
  • Beware Of The Trains (Edmund Crispin)
  • The Very Silent Traveller (Paul Tabori)
  • Mr. Duckworth's Night Out (Michael Gilbert)
  • The Garside Fell Disaster (L.T.C. Rolt)
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Midnight Specials: An Anthology For Train Buffs And Suspense Aficianados

Editor: Bill Pronzini

Bobbs-Merrill / Souvenir Press


An anthology of mystery stories.

"Murder in and around trains, planes, and automobiles has always been a rich source of inspiration for mystery writers and here the boundaries are extended to their widest."
The contents are:
  • The Signal-Man (Charles Dickens)
  • The Shooting Of Curly Dan (John Lutz)
  • The Invalid's Story (Mark Twain)
  • A Journey (Edith Wharton)
  • The Problem Of The Locked Caboose (Edward D. Hoch)
  • Midnight Express (Alfred Noyes)
  • Faith, Hope And Charity (Irvin S. Cobb)
  • Dead Man (James M. Cain)
  • Phantom Of The Subway (Cornell Woolrich)
  • The Man On B-17 (August Derleth)
  • The Three Good Witnesses (Harold Lamb)
  • Snowball In July (Ellery Queen)
  • All Of God's Children Got Shoes (Howard Schoenfeld)
  • The Sound Of Murder (William P. McGivern)
  • The Train (Charles Beaumont)
  • That Hell-Bound Train (Robert Bloch)
  • Inspector Maigret Deduces (Georges Simenon)
  • Sweet Fever (Bill Pronzini)
  • The Man Who Loved The Midnight Lady (Barry N. Malzberg)
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Mysterious Railway Stories

Editor: William Pattrick

W.H. Allen


The contents are:

  • The Four Fifteen Express (Amelia B. Edwards)
  • My Adventure In The Flying Dutchman (Eden Phillpotts)
  • The Lost Special (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Tragedy On The London And Mid-Northern (Victor L. Whitechurch)
  • The Cloud-Bursters (Francis Lynde)
  • The Ghost Train (Ruth Alexander)
  • The Girl In The Train (Agatha Christie)
  • The Fisherman’s Special (Hal Thomson)
  • Swamp Train (Harry Walton)
  • The Level Crossing (Freeman Wills Croft)
  • The Man On B-17 (August Derleth)
  • That Hell-Bound Train (Robert Bloch)
  • The Last Train (Fredric Brown)
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Murder On The Railways

Editor: Peter Haining



"The stories in this omnibus feature some the most famous trains, the best-known fictional characters and some of the stories that have become classic films."
The contents are:
  • Express To Stamboul (Agatha Christie)
  • Crime On The Footplate (Freeman Wills Crofts)
  • The Man With No Face (Dorothy L. Sayers)
  • Dead Man (James M. Cain)
  • Cheese (Ethel Lina White)
  • A Curious Suicide (Patricia Highsmith)
  • Jeumont: 51 Minutes' Wait (Georges Simenon)
  • Three-Ten To Yuma (Elmore Leonard)
  • The Adventure Of The First-Class Carriage (Ronald A. Knox)
  • The Murder On The Okehampton Line (Victor L. Whitechurch)
  • The Mystery Of The Black Blight (Francis Lynde)
  • The Knight's Cross Signal Problem (Ernest Bramah)
  • Once Upon A Train (Craig Rice And Stuart Palmer)
  • The Rhine Maiden (Leslie Charteris)
  • Murder On The 7.16 (Michael Innes)
  • Murder In The Tunnel (Brian Hunt)
  • A Mystery Of The Underground (John Oxenham)
  • Death In The Air (Cornell Wollrich)
  • The Mysterious Death On The Underground Railway (Baroness Orczy)
  • Thubway Tham's Bomb Scare (Johnston Mcculley)
  • The Coulman Handicap (Michael Gilbert)
  • A Midnight Train To Nowhere (Ken Follett)
  • Oxford Circus (Maeve Binchy)
  • Drink Entire: Against The Madness Of Crowds (Ray Bradbury)
  • The Riddle Of The 5.28 (Thomas W. Hanshew)
  • Headhunter (Jan Carol Sabin)
  • Escape To Danger (Erle Stanley Gardner)
  • Death Decision (William F. Nolan)
  • Broker's Special (Stanley Ellin)
  • Galloping Foxley (Roald Dahl)
  • The Second Passenger (Basil Copper)
  • The Green Road To Quephanda (Ruth Rendell)
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Crime On The Move: The Official Anthology of the Crime Writers' Association

Editor: Martin Edwards

The Do-Not Press


An anthology of mystery stories.

"Murder in and around trains, planes, and automobiles has always been a rich source of inspiration for mystery writers and here the boundaries are extended to their widest."
The contents are:
  • Owl Wars (Ann Cleeves)
  • One Hand One Bounce (Mat Coward)
  • Revenge On The High C (Judith Cutler)
  • Better To Arrive (Carol Anne Davis)
  • Test Drive (Martin Edwards)
  • Man Overboard (Jurgen Ehlers)
  • Top deck (Kate Ellis)
  • Case For Gourmets (Michael Gilbert)
  • 6-5 Against (Lesley Grant-Adamson)
  • Asylum (John Harvey)
  • Shameful Eating (Reginald Hill)
  • Vanishing Of Velma (Edward D. Hoch)
  • Death Ship (Bill Kirton)
  • On A Bicycle Made For Two (Keith Miles)
  • Landfall (Stephen Murray)
  • Gum's Goer (Amy Myers)
  • Lammergeier Vulture (Christine Poulson)
  • Baba's Bites (Chris Simms)
  • Anniversary (Sally Spedding)
  • Canal Blues (Rebecca Tope)
  • Another Man's Crime (Alison White)
  • Seeing Off George (David Williams)
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Blood on the Tracks: Railway Mysteries

Editor: Martin Edwards

British Library Publishing / Poisoned Pen


"Trains have been a favourite setting of many crime writers, providing the mobile equivalent of the locked-room scenario. Their enclosed carriages with a limited number of suspects lend themselves to seemingly impossible crimes. In an era of cancellations and delays, alibis reliant upon a timely train service no longer ring true, yet the railway detective has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the twenty-first century. Both train buffs and crime fans will delight in this selection of fifteen railway-themed mysteries, featuring some of the most popular authors of their day alongside less familiar names."
The contents are:
  • The Man with the Watches (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Mystery of Felwyn Tunnel (L. T. Meade and Robert Eustace)
  • How He Cut His Stick (Matthias McDonnell Bodkin)
  • The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway (Baroness Orczy)
  • The Affair of the Corridor Express (Victor L. Whitechurch)
  • The Case of Oscar Brodski (R. Austin Freeman)
  • The Eighth Lamp (Roy Vickers)
  • The Knight's Cross Signal Problem (Ernest Bramah)
  • The Unsolved Puzzle Of The Man with No Face (Dorothy L. Sayers)
  • The Railway Carriage (F. Tennyson Jesse)
  • Mystery of the Slip-Coach (Sapper)
  • The Level Crossing (Freeman Wills Crofts)
  • The Adventure of the First-Class Carriage (Ronald Knox)
  • Murder on the 7.16 (Michael Innes)
  • The Coulman Handicap (Michael Gilbert))
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